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A Delicious Day

May 10th, 2009 No comments

We spent a quiet day, with Mike doing updates and other work, and myself cooking and doing household and paper-work chores.  We completed another batch of our version of Jaffa cakes, which we diligently tested.  After an early dinner of pot roast and carrots, we attended “Grey Gardens,”  the documentary, at the cinema.  Late evening was devoted to the Times crossword and letter-writing. –MJH.

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A Lovely End of the Week

May 9th, 2009 No comments

Saturday– always my favorite day of the week.  Our neighborhood is quiet, except for a few scattered tourists…  I tackle some paperwork, but get no writing done.  Mike works professionally and then does some much-needed pruning and other garden work.  I continue cleaning the garden-room in our little netherworld.  At evening, with us at the dining table, the sky turns the color of lemon sherbet.  After dinner, we work, I make the bottom layers for Jaffa cakes, and we watch a marathon of an edgy movie, “Heat”  –MJH.

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A Classic Friday

May 8th, 2009 No comments

We are still luxuriating in spring weather so glorious that it draws us outside in spite of the pollen count.  It was a day of professional work and gardening for Mike, and reading and domestic chores for myself.  After lunch on the deck I watered-in the fertilizer on the lawn and cleaned out yet another storage area.  Our dinner was a Friday-night classic,  Aunt Ann’s essential meatloaf.  We topped off our day with a classic movie that Mike had recorded, the strangely hilarious “Blazing Saddles.”  –MJH.

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The Usual Thursday– Glorious

May 7th, 2009 No comments

I hope I am not being gaggingly sugary, but it has been such a lovely, ordinary Thursday that the only word for it is “glorious,” except for the pollen count.  A morning spent pottering while Michael worked (!).  Lunch on the deck.  Afternoon in the garden, followed by weekly grocery shopping.  Although I am not keeping a meticulous account of spending (I’ll resume that on July 1), I keep an eye on costs at the grocery store and everywhere else.  I completed an analysis of some of our spending today, but am sorry to say no other paper work was done.  –MJH.

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Wednesday in the Big City

May 6th, 2009 No comments

While Michael held down the fort at home and worked on his professional projects, I went to Oakhurst for dentistry and errands.  In the late afternoon he gardened while I recuperated and did household chores.  –MJH.

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A Domestic Tuesday

May 5th, 2009 No comments

Our day began with a visit from the tile-man, who made a repair in the shower downstairs.  After that, Mike kept up with his professional work, while I washed clothes and worked downstairs.  I set the mint bundles to dry in the downstairs porch.  In the afternoon, Mike gardened, while I cleaned a storage cupboard downstairs.  Favorites were on the menu for dinner– bangers and mash, baked beans, and for me, the ever-present Swiss chard. –MJH.

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A Monday Filled with Small Wonders

May 4th, 2009 No comments

It was a day filled with small wonders– a walk on main street, planting seeds for the new garden, a quick trip to Blackberry Cottage for wood ash for the new potting soil.  While Mike scooped the ash from the fire-place, I cut bundles of mint from beside the creek.  Later we carefully planted vegetable seeds in one of our new trays. –MJH.

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A Lovely Sunday

May 3rd, 2009 No comments

I don’t remember such a tender, lovely spring in the six years I have lived in Mariposa. Friday afternoon and night we had a gorgeous, pouring rain. Saturday there were specks of rain; today there were broken clouds… It was a beautiful weekend for us personally, and we were quietly busy here at Bullion Street (while the whole town buzzed for the Butterfly Festival, which didn’t seem much affected by the showers). Michael worked at his gardening projects, while keeping up with updates and other work for his network. I worked at my desk this morning and then helped a bit with the garden plans. Part of this afternoon we spent looking for our soils-testing kit, which we finally found on a cupboard shelf. The best part of the search was the serendipity. In the course of looking for the kit, we also found a garden sieve and an air filter that we needed. And we uncovered a reel lawn mower that should be perfect for the lawn here at Bullion Street. A simple dinner of chicken curry pie was followed by tea and our version of Jaffa cakes. I also splurged and made a few sort-of “Jaffa tarts,” with short pastry, orange filling and chocolate. Mmmmmmmm. I spent the evening adding up some recent expenses, doing the washing up, and working at my desk once again.  –MJH.

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