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Seattle NE corner soil

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We took two samples from the NE corner which is to be the new veggie area, and mixed them for testing.

The corner includes a good-sized rhododendron, a lavender/rosemary patch, and compost space. They aren’t included in the 200sq ft to be treated. There is very little vegetable matter in the soil so we’ll add a lot of compost.

Location Area pH N P K Elements Fertilizer Amendments
NE corner 200 sq ft 6.7/good 0/Depleted 5/Surplus 0/Depleted 8.3 oz N plus 10.7oz K. 4 lbs 16-16-16, raked in. 8 cu ft compost rototilled in, then 4 cu ft compost raked in with the fertilizer.
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