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Mariposa South Veggie Patch Tests

We’re putting in a small patch in hopes of raising a few veggies before we head north.

South veggie patch chemical soil test results:

Test Value Meaning Element for 32 sq ft Fertilizer for 32 sq ft
pH 6.5 good
N 0 depleted 1.4ozs 4 ozs 15-30-15, plus 4ozs 22-3-4, plus 14ozs Wood Ash 0-1-5 (est.), plus a cubic foot of pH5.5 Compost. Pre-mix Wood Ash and Compost.
P 0.5 v. deficient 1.2ozs
K 0.5 v. deficient 1.3ozs

Soil tests pH7.5 indicated by soil meter, confirming that the soil meter reads one pH too high.

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