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Big, Easy Dill Pickle Soup

Besides being the world headquarters for good food and wonderful music, New Orleans is a city of surpassing oddness.  Eccentricity is welcome here and treated tenderly.  In part that’s why I love New Orleans.  Yes, I know, the city has a hierarchy and code of conduct impenetrable to outsiders.  But alongside that– you have the Duck Lady, “A Confederacy of Dunces,” the effigy of  Ernie K. Doe, some very peculiar masquerade balls, voodoo, and on and on.

Dill Pickle Soup is big, easy and odd and should have been invented in New Orleans.

But it seems to have been invented in my kitchen.  Here is the recipe.

For every two servings, take a can of condensed Cream of Celery soup and dilute it somewhat, but not to the extent suggested on the can.   Keep the soup thick.  Now finely chop some drained dill pickle.  (The fineness of the chop is important).  Add the chopped pickle, to taste, to the soup (Experiment with the amount of pickle.)  Heat and eat. Ummmmmmm.  This recipe works for a crowd– just use a can of the creamed soup for every two servings.










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