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Seattle Soil

We tested near two corners of the lawn, an irregular half of which is to become the new veggie plot.

The N center of the garden is the NE corner of the lawn and is the sunniest. It was originally the lowest point so it has the most fill dirt.

The SW corner is the shadiest. The lawn there is mostly moss. It was originally the highest point so there may not be much topsoil over the subsoil.

Location Area pH N P K Elements Fertilizer Amendments
N center 350 sq ft (veggies) 6.7/good 0/depleted 1/deficient 5/surplus 32.5oz N plus 20.1oz P 7.5lbs 16-16-16 and 3 lbs 26-3-4. Rototilled into veggie patch but only scattered onto lawn. 6 cu ft compost rototilled in with the fertilizer, then 6 cu ft compost raked in.
SW corner 350 sq ft (lawn) 6.5/good 0/depleted 3/sufficient 5/surplus none

The 700 sq ft to be fertilized includes both the new veggie patch and the remaining portion of the lawn. Each is about 350 sq ft. For simplicity we applied the same fertilizers throughout despite the differing phosphorus levels. We applied fertilizers containing unneeded potassium because they were much less expensive than fertilizers without potassium.

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