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Seed purchased from Mariposa Feed.  Most of the packets have far more seed than we’ll need:

Plant Variety Brand Qty Weight Price
Bean, Pole Santa Anna Ferry Morse 15g 1.99
Broccoli Green Sprouting Calabrese Livingston 3g 1.29
Brussel Sprouts Catskill Ferry Morse >45 1.4g 1.59
Cabbage Copenhagen Market Early Ferry Morse 75ft 1g 1.59
Cantaloupe Sierra Gold Ferry Morse 18 hills 2.5g 1.99
Carrot Long Imperator #58 Ferry Morse 50ft 2g 1.59
Cauliflower Early Snowball A Ferry Morse 120ft 540mg 1.79
Celery Tall Utah, #5270R, Improved Ferry Morse >100 450mg 1.99
Lettuce, Butter Bibb / Limestone Ferry Morse 70ft 1.2g 1.59
Lettuce, Romaine Parris Island Livingston 3g 1.19
Mesclun Gourmet Green Mixture Ferry Morse 1.5g 1.99
Parsnip Harris Model Ferry Morse 85ft 2.5g 1.79
Peas Wando Ferry Morse 17ft 28g 1.79
Pepper, Bell Quadrato D’Asti Rosso Ferry Morse 250mg 1.99
Pumpkin Jack O’Lantern Livingston 6g 1.19
Radish French Breakfast Livingston 6g 1.19
Rutabaga American Purple Top Ferry Morse 4g 1.59
Snow Pea Oregon Sugar Pod II Livingston 13g 1.19
Swiss Chard Fordbook Giant Livingston 5g 1.29
Turnip Purple Top, White Globe Ferry Morse 250ft 4g 1.79

We also plan to buy corn, potatoes and a few tomatoes to plant for this year. And we’ll plant a rhubarb for later.

If permitted in Seattle we hope to put in a small numbers of red currant, black currant, and gooseberry bushes along the curve of the garden path.

We already have some rosemary that can survive Seattle winters. We’ll plant mint, sage, and thyme in appropriate spots.

A couple of thorn-less raspberry canes in a back corner, and some alpine strawberries edging a flower border are also planned. No need for blackberries in Seattle – they grow wild everywhere.

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