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Mariposa Lawn

August 4th, 2009 No comments

Mariposa lawn chemical soil test results:

Test Value Meaning Element for 320 sq ft Fertilizer for 320 sq ft
pH 6.2 good
N 0.3 depleted 4.6ozs 21ozs 22-3-4
P 3.8 surplus
K 3.5 surplus

We’ll use 29-3-4 but rate it only 22-3-4 as 7-0-0 is slow release.

For the small middle patch of lawn we’ll use 7ozs for 100 sq ft.  For the lower triangle of lawn we’ll use 14ozs for 220 sq ft.

The lawn was fertilized according to the foregoing instructions on August 22.  Subsequently the lawn was reported to be “looking good.”   About five weeks after the fertilizing, on September 29, we asked for a report and learned that the fertilizer seemed  to have a beneficial effect.  The lawn was still “looking good” and some former brown spots had filled in and were doing well.

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