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Seattle NE corner soil

August 20th, 2009 No comments

We took two samples from the NE corner which is to be the new veggie area, and mixed them for testing.

The corner includes a good-sized rhododendron, a lavender/rosemary patch, and compost space. They aren’t included in the 200sq ft to be treated. There is very little vegetable matter in the soil so we’ll add a lot of compost.

Location Area pH N P K Elements Fertilizer Amendments
NE corner 200 sq ft 6.7/good 0/Depleted 5/Surplus 0/Depleted 8.3 oz N plus 10.7oz K. 4 lbs 16-16-16, raked in. 8 cu ft compost rototilled in, then 4 cu ft compost raked in with the fertilizer.
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