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A Week in the Garden at “House of Blues”

July 16th, 2009 No comments
Mint plants await their new companions

Pots awaiting new mint plants*

We sometimes refer to our Seattle house as “House of Blues,” although it is a very happy house.  The exterior is painted in three shades of blue, and the nickname also signifies a love we have for certain Southern music.

My week of gardening included starting nine rosemary cuttings, planting six yellow portulacas in the window boxes for upstairs, and doing routine watering and clean-up of the front garden.

Today I noticed the mint starts had begun to root in their glass jars.  They’d originated as a small bundle of organic mint from Safeway’s produce aisle and had been placed in water on about July 8.  What valiant, assertive little sprigs these plants are!  The roots form at the ends of the cuttings, not at nodes, and even the frailest little stems seem to be rooting.  In the back herb-and-flower garden, four pots wait expectantly.  When the mint cuttings have formed sufficient roots, they will join older mint plants from the front garden, which are already at home in the pots.

*In the foreground of the photo– strawberries.

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