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Weekly Summary

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Five weeks since rototilling

Five weeks since rototilling

Date Lo Hi Notes
07/18 63 80 Started new batches of carrots, lettuce, romaine, pumpkin, and radish. Planted out the tomato cuttings that had been in water for nearly three weeks. Bushes heat stressed. Watered daily.
07/19 58 76 Thinned one turnip at 2″ diameter – sliced thin, sprinkled with salt, and fried: turnip chips. Hosed several groups of aphids off the large brassicas.
07/20 60 79
07/21 60 89
07/22 58 75 Sprayed broccoli, brussel sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, rutabaga, swiss chard, and turnips with 0.001% spinosad, an organic pesticide.
07/23 58 69
07/24 57 78 Something, perhaps a squirrel, had dug some seeds and seedlings out of the trays, so we moved the seed trays to the deck. Started ongoing snow pea harvest. Bushes heat stressed. Watered daily.
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