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Weekly Summary

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Baby carrot thinnings

Baby carrot thinnings

Six weeks since rototilling

Six weeks since rototilling

Date Lo Hi Notes
07/25 63 86 Thinned two more turnips. Planted oregon grape. Several radishes found dug up but mostly undamaged – replanted. Bushes heat stressed. Watered daily.
07/26 64 88 Two more dug up radishes and a dug up nicotiana were found and replanted. Approximately five sunflowers had been pushed over and snapped off. There was no underground damage. A raccoon looking for sunflower seeds is suspected. Another two sunflowers were bent over but are recovering. So we bought and installed a Scare Crow motion-sensor water spray.
07/27 67 92 We believe a raccoon triggered the water spray, probably more than once. When we went out we heard it cursing us from a tree for several minutes but we never saw it.
07/28 70 95 Serious leafminer problems on both swiss chard plantings, and aphids on the cauliflower again. Sprayed the chard, the large brassicas, and the rhubarb with spinosad. Thinned out about two dozen baby carrots for stir fry. All plants heat stressed. Watered daily.
07/29 72 105 The large brassicas, bushes and peas are struggling in the heat. In the house it was 101° upstairs, 96° downstairs, and even the normally cool basement was 84°.

103° at Sea-Tac broke all-time 100° record. 105° at Sand Point broke all-time 96° record. Both places also had all-time record warmest overnight minimum of 71°.

07/30 65 96 Pinched off tomato growing tips. Instead of thinning celery I transplanted the excess to a second row.
07/31 61 84
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Nasturtium #2

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Ed Hume Glorious Gleam trailing mixed colors

Expected germination: 10 days

18 seeds

07/29-30: Planted 1 per cell in 18 cells.  2A: Untreated.  2B: Soaked.  2C: Scarred.


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